Even highly demanding visitors may find in Podgorica a place for themselves, a place to enjoy and feel great!Podgorica has always been at the historical and cultural crossroad of Europe.
It is here where many nations, cultures and roads have met. Old and new, traditional and modern, Podgorica offers its charm to all visitors.Podgorica boasts beautiful, unspoiled scenery, cultural heritage from different epochs, modern buildings and monuments. It is a nicely situated town, close to European main centers.
You’ll find a pleasant little city with lots of green space and some excellent galleries and bars.Streets are full of young, old people, childrens and pets and you can feel really nice energy.
There is an inordinate number of royal sculpture dotted around its many parks.The city sits at the confluence of two rivers. West of the broad Moraca is what passes for the business district. The smaller Ribnica River divides the eastern side in two. To the south is Stara Varoš, the heart of the Ottoman town. North of the Ribnica is Nova Varoš, an attractive, mainly low-rise precinct of late-19th-/early-20th-century buildings housing a lively mixture of shops and bars. At its heart is Trg Republika, the main square.
There are few towns in this world which are only an hour drive from the closest sea, lakes, canyons and mountain resorts. Mild, almost Mediterranean climate, makes Podgorica one of the warmest towns in Europe. Scheduled bus lines connect all cities of Montenegro, buses goes frequently to almost all city's in the country.
Also Montenegro is connected with bus lines with Serbia, Croatia, BiH and other surrounding countries.