Around The City

-Skadar lake, largest lake on the Balkans, and a national park - just 30 min to the south of the city.(by bus or train)
-Moraca river canyon, north to the city, and the 13th century Moraca monastery.(by bus 30min)
-Doclea(Duklja), ruins of the old roman city that preceded Ribnica and Podgorica.(10min by train, car or taxi)
-Meteon(Medun), 13 km (8 miles) northeast of Podgorica, ruins of a fortress erected at III century B.O.T.(20min by car or taxi)
-Waterfall on Cijevna river south of Podgorica and also traditional restaurant "Nijagara" (10min by car or taxi(5€))
-Monastery Ostrog, a miracle built by nature and human interaction, carved almost in its entirety in a vertically positioned
mountain cliff. North of the city (50min by bus or train)
-Dajbabe Monastery located in the vicinity of Podgorica - the natural form of a cave.South of the city (10min by bus, car or taxi)