City Life

Podgorica has a modest but good set of venues for cultural events, and a handful of annual festivals,
Like many countries in this part of Europe, events are planned and announced haphazardly -
keep an eye on posters and local papers and ask around to find out what's on during your visit.check at info desk Hostel Podgorica.

While it's no gourmet destination, Podgorica has plenty of decent places to eat - and above all it's often very affordable.
it can be found close to Hostel.The prices in brackets refer to the average cost of a main course.Meet is prefered meal and portions
are really big, good fish and fresh vegitables also every traditional restaurant can offer. (from 3€)
Traditional dish in Podgorica is "Podgoricki popeci" we are sure you will loved this :)

Modern cinema "CINEPLEXX" has six screens showing all new movies on English in 2D and 3D.(from 4€)
There are also occasional live screenings of New York and Moscow opera and ballet performances.

A very active theatre with local and regional plays performed on most nights.
You can find information at info desk Hostel Podgorica or you can see on the front of the Theater.
Price is (from 5€)


As it is student city Podgorica always offer good night life.
Streets are full of people, bars pubs are full and it's doesn't matter if is monday od saterday
you will find great atmosphere in the main downtown area.
Pubs bars are open till 1am and after that most people goes in to the small clubs.
Local beer is "Niksicko" and local schnapps is "Loza"
Prices are cheap for one capital :)